The Weaponization of Increasingly Autonomous Technologies: Future Scenarios

14 November 2017, Geneva, Switzerland

One of the challenges in the international discussion on increasing autonomy in weapon systems is that there isn’t a shared vision of what future autonomous systems might look like. In addition, there are diverse views of how autonomy may be used in future weapons and in which contexts, as well as whether autonomous weapons are a near-, medium- or long-term concern.

The objective of this event is to support thinking on how specific technologies or innovations could contribute to increasing autonomy in weapons systems. What technological innovations might change our assessments about the time scale for AWS development? How might incremental increases in autonomous functions within a weapon system change different assessments: legal, strategic, operational, or ethical? How might technological breakthroughs in civilian applications be incorporated in weapon systems in unanticipated ways? Are development trajectories likely to be linear or to "leapfrog" in surprising ways?

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Speaker(s): Paul Scharre, Kerstin Vignard

This conference is part of the project The Weaponization of Increasingly Autonomous Technologies (Phase III)