Cyber Weapons and Autonomous Weapons: Potential Overlap, Interaction and Vulnerabilities

9 October 2015, New York, USA

The international security and arms control community is seriously engaging with the issues surrounding the weaponization of increasingly autonomous technologies and cyber weapons. Yet thus far these are treated as distinct conversations, held in different fora and involving different experts.

Increasingly autonomous weapons could be extremely vulnerable to a variety of cyber attacks—such as hacking, takeover, reprogramming or jamming. How will we know that autonomous weapons are operating as programmed, without interference? Will increasing autonomy act as a driver for cyber weapon development in order to exploit this vulnerability? And as we develop greater capabilities in Artificial Intelligence (“learning machines” are in reality “learning programmes”), both cyber and autonomous weapons will be AI enabled—cyber and autonomous weapons are on a convergent path. How does convergence bode for the distinct legal and normative frameworks currently under discussion?

Speaker(s): Ken Anderson, Patrick Lin, Heather Roff

This conference is part of the project The Weaponization of Increasingly Autonomous Technologies (Phase III)