Outer Space and Global Security

26–27 November 2002

To examine civilian and military reliance on outer space and their future needs, to consider security issues in space, and to explore policy options for the effective regulation of outer space, with a view to preserving it for peaceful purposes.

Partners: Project Ploughshares (Canada), the Simons Centre for Peace and Disarmament Studies (Canada).

Support from UNIDIR's core funders provides the foundation for all of the Institute's activities.
In addition, dedicated project funding was received from The Simons Foundation (Canada).

Speaker(s): P. Baines, J. Dean, B. DeBlois, A. Dupas, C. Hadfield, P. Hays, R. Johnson, C. Moltz, A. Sherif, Li Song, A. Vinnik

This conference is part of the project Annual Outer Space Security Conference