Research project

International Law and State Behaviour in Cyberspace Meeting Series

This research project was carried out from October 2014 to June 2015

There is a growing reliance on cyberspace applications throughout government activities, military planning and operations, industrial and civil infrastructure processes, and financial systems. With this increasing pervasiveness in nearly every facet of society comes the need to determine how existing international legal institutions and norms apply in the borderless and dynamic world of cyberspace. As academia and government explore these questions, there is general consensus that international law does apply; however the conversation becomes: in what ways does it apply?

In light of the 2012-2013 Group of Governmental Experts on Field of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security (GGE on ICT) report which noted the applicability of international law, it is an opportune time to explore this question and related conversations. The development of common understanding on this subject will be achieved by providing a forum for both established and developing cyber players to engage one another on the topics that are most relevant and pertinent to their respective regions. As such, this project will hold four regional meetings covering issues of regional cooperation and the applicability of international law with respect to cyberspace.

Staff: Ben Baseley-Walker, Elizabeth Gregory, Daniel Golston

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Dedicated programme and project support was received from the Governments of Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In addition, the Government of the Republic of Korea generously hosted and supported the Asia-Pacific regional seminar.