Ensuring Asia-Pacific's Secure and Sustainable Use of Space: The Role of Norms of Behaviour

12 December 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To discuss the concept of a code of conduct for outer space activities, explore key content aspects of a code and provide a platform for discussion of the application of such an initiative in an Asia-Pacific context.

Partners: Japan.

Support from UNIDIR's core funders provides the foundation for all of the Institute's activities.
In addition, dedicated project funding was received from the European Union.

Speaker(s): B. Basley-Walker, N. Cabactulan, Y. Jung, S. Kelly, J. Li, A. Lukaszczyk, E. Nemeth, T. Nishinaga, R. Rajagopalan, K. Suzuki

This conference is part of the project Facilitating the Process for the Development of an International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities