Cyber Stability Seminar 2014: Preventing Cyber Conflict

10 February 2014, Geneva, Switzerland

The seminar presented an opportunity for attendees to discuss how to take pragmatic steps towards a more stable and predictable cyber security environment. With particular attention paid to the risks of escalation in cyber conflicts, the seminar addressed the growing need to develop mechanisms for discussion, education and constructive engagement on how to improve cyber security in the multilateral environment.

Support from UNIDIR's core funders provides the foundation for all of the Institute's activities.
In addition, dedicated project funding was received from Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

Speaker(s): Ben Baseley-Walker, Caroline Baylon, Aapo Cederberg, Karsten Geier, Theresa Hitchens, Leonard Lu, Neno Malisevic, Tim Maurer, Ian McConville, Michael Møller, Jan Neutze, Shen Jian, Nadezhda Sokolova, Daniel Stauffacher

This conference is part of the project Annual Cyber Stability Conference