Community Security and Operational Effectiveness

16 June 2008

To discuss the converging agendas of humanitarian, development and security agencies to increase operational effectiveness in the context of community insecurity, to better assess local security problems as they are understood by communities.

Support from UNIDIR's core funders provides the foundation for all of the Institute's activities.
In addition, dedicated project funding was received from the Netherlands and Sweden.

Speaker(s): D. Carbaugh, L. F. de Macedo Soares, J. Doucet, R. Dreyer, R. Kent, R. Jha, P. Lewis, D. Miller, G. Philipsen, E. Piza-Lopez, T. Rose, L. Rudnick, M. Sethi, M. Wolters, K. Yankah

This conference is part of the project Security Needs Assessment Protocol (SNAP) Project: Phase II